On a mission to change whistleblowing

Our vision – a healthier workplace, for everyone

We are firm believers in the power of creating a fair and transparent workplace based on trust. Something that guides not only our business ethics and how we treat each other in our offices but also something we’re on a mission to spread.

Wrongdoing takes place in all kinds of organizations around the world, every day, even with a whistleblowing tool available. 

To engage your employees in noticing and reporting wrongdoing we see that striving for a safe, transparent, and fair work environment can increase employee satisfaction, improve engagement, and proactively manage wrong behavior and misconduct that could harm your culture.

Meet the team

Behind the NorthWhistle you find a team whose whole is more than the sum of its parts. We have a broad background that shines in tech and compliance, but above all, we strive for more fairness in the work environment because we believe that is the core of every collaboration.

Read more about our whistleblowing system here.

Iman Pouya

Iman Pouya

Co-Founder & CEO

Iman is an experienced entrepreneur with a remarkable blend of technical know-how and business acumen. Having a strong technical background, Iman has a deep understanding of the intricacies of software development and technology-based solutions. With a proven track record, he has founded several tech companies including Voxo, HomeMaker, and Brightlabs. These ventures are a testament to his ability to identify opportunities, assemble talented teams, and drive innovative solutions. 

In addition to his professional successes, Iman also finds joy and comfort in his personal life. He is a devoted parent to Alva, a charming dachshund who brings endless joy to his life and loves to spend time with his friends and family.

Max Sebdani Jacobson

Max Sebdani Jacobson

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Max has 15+ years of experience in designing, building, and managing digital products in small startups as well as large international corporations such as Telia, Scania, and King. Being through both business school, engineering school, and Hyper Island, working with product design and management offered the perfect mixture of logic and creativity. Outside of work, Max spends his time cooking for his family, being out in nature, and playing with his three children.

Katarina Markovic

Katarina Markovic

PR Manager

Katarina works with PR, communication, and collaborations at NorthWhistle. She studied psychology at Uppsala University and Communication and PR at Berghs SoC in Stockholm. She’s previously worked at an advertising agency in Stockholm with clients such as Visit Stockholm, Electrolux, and Garant. 

For Katarina, working with clients and services that add value beyond their products is important. 

The past years she’s been working with culture and in the ideal sector to move on to working with NorthWhistle where our mission is to inform as many people within both organizations and their employees, as well as the public about the importance of whistleblowing. 

Free days and a free lifestyle are a priority and Katarina loves to swim in Swedish’ fresh lakes, find the best gluten-free bread recipe, and play with our office dog Alva.

Oscar Söderlund

Oscar Söderlund

Co-Founder & CTO

Oscar is a highly skilled developer with great experience in fast-paced development and modularisation. He’s been dreaming about building stuff since he was a kid and got stuck when he started programming as a teenager. With over 15 years of experience in software development, he has produced over 50 tech projects. Co-founded HomeMaker and Nebulr, Oscar is passionate about building and architecting scalable new software from scratch that solves real problems.

Deciding to build NorthWhistle was a no-brainer as this is where you can use technology to its fullest. Ensuring the security of whistleblowers through encryption, anonymization, and data minimization

When not working, Oscars enjoys spending time with his family and friends, discovering new music, and finding out new ways to make the best cup of coffee.

Lune Hosper

Lune Hosper

Creative/ Digital Content Manager

Lune has a bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations from Malaga University and has a bilingual background based in Northern and Southern Europe. She’s passionate about creating concepts, branding, strategy, and design. Always seeking for a creative spirit where new challenges are her comfort zone, and bold ideas are the way to go.

When Lune is not inside the office, she’s working outside under the blue sky. Her free time is filled with runs through the city and nature, practicing yoga, and looking for inspiration for new adventures and creations.

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We are listeners ready to collaborate and help with whistleblowing

Our values – what makes us, us.

  • Knowledge

For us working with NorthWhistle, it’s more than compliance and systems. We believe that knowledge is key for building a whistleblowing culture that not only complies with the directive but sets into action its values for the desired effect.

 We are on a mission to help organisations and their employees, as well as the public, understand what whistleblowing can be.

  • Safety

There is a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte that says “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people.” 

But for good people to speak up they need to be and feel safe. We believe that the key to being safe on equal terms and avoiding any kind of retaliation is to be anonymous. That’s why we strive for innovative tech that designs safe spaces that empower a speak-up culture. Our developers’ mission is to build the safest system on the market introducing features that make the system so secure that we can not even access the information ourselves.

  • Integrity

We live by the code of practice that you preach and believe that principles such as honesty, transparency, and fairness are key in any business that wants its employees to thrive. For employees to thrive they need leadership that set examples of what business ethics mean and holds themselves accountable in everything they do.

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