A whistleblowing tool as it should be: Compliant, safe, and easy to use for both you and your organisation.

NorthWhistle – 3 pillars for a complete whistleblower app

Continuously generate up-to-date policy and communication material. Keep your team informed.

Easy to use reporting via phone, text & voice. So no wrongdoing goes unnoticed.

Handle incoming cases with ease using a whistleblowing system with built-in reminders, a clear overview, and 1:1 communication.

Automatic policy that’s always up to date.

As with most things in life, communication is key, in fact, communication is a big part of the EU whistleblowing directive. At NorthWhistle we offer you the best tools to generate and communicate your new whistleblowing policy so that you will always be up to date without any additional legal fees.

So you can focus on what matters: your business and your people.

Auto-generated policy

Easily generate a personalized whistleblowing policy fit for the requirements of your EU country. Saving you time and legal costs.

QR-code generator

An easy and discrete way to access your reporting tool, for colleagues on the floor.

Always up to date

Automatically stay up to date with changes in legislation by letting NorthWhistle handle it for you.

Communications material

Generate the communications material needed to clearly communicate about whistleblowing to your organization in acordence with the EU directive.

Filing a report, according to the directive & beyond.

NorthWhistle helps your organisation report wrongdoing in the most protected and comfortable way. We support encrypted reporting in text and voice, always fully anonymous. All according to high accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1) – so no case goes unheard.

A reporting style that fits your organization best.

With NorthWhistle your colleagues can report via form, chat and phone across devices. Always with the options to configure and adapt questions and forms after your unique needs.

100% anonymous

We go to great lengths to keep whistleblowers anonymous at all times. Voice messages are scrambled, files are stripped of metadata and all communication is end-to-end encrypted.


Accessibility is key to making sure no wrongdoing goes unreported. we adhere to WCGA 2.1 AA to ensure this.


Our commitment to whistleblowing data protection is absolute. We use the best security practices and work with third parties to continuously perform security tests to ensure the highest level of security and compliance.

Custom brand

Make your reporter feel at home with your own brand inside the reporting platform.

Reporting features




Voice report with scramble

Form reporting

WCAG 2.1 AA support

Anonymized file attachments

Chat report

Customizable reporting forms

Auto-generated QR-code

Phone routing




Resolving a case, with ease.

Whistleblowing can be complex, but we believe administrating a case shouldn’t be. NorhtWhistle gives you an overview of all cases, helps you take them to the next step and automatically reminds you of important deadlines. You can easily control what each case handler should see and invite third parties to a specific report.

Intuitive & Powerful

Our tool has all the features you need right at your fingertips, we make it easy to manage complex tasks.

Automations & Reminders

The EU directive comes with strict requirements around deadlines for case handlers, our system ensures you never miss one.

Full traceability

All actions are logged and easy to access to ensure a tamper-free process. This along with the full case history can also be exported.


We support the languages you need, not only in the reporter flow but also in the admin panel. 

Case handling features




Deadline monitoring and reminders

Automatic audit log

Case export

Custom reporting forms

Invite third party

Admin users




Custom user roles

Routing & assignment groups

Custom branding


Effortless onboarding

All our plans come with automatic onboarding that helps you get compliant within 15 minutes.

Should you need it, we also provide premium onboarding with one of our product experts, free of charge.

We’re ready to answer any questions you might have about NorthWhistle, just get in touch.