How NorthWhistle Checks All The EU Directive boxes

At NorthWhistle we have broken down the EU directive to ensure compliance for all our customers. To further strengthen our offer we have looked at best practices from around the globe and implemented these into our tools.


Designed, established and operated in a secure manner (art. 9.1.a)
NorthWhistle is designed in compliance with the principles of privacy by design and data minimalization. All communication between your devices and the NorthWhistle servers as well as stored data is always encrypted.

Designated persons/department (art. 9.1.c)
In the NorthWhistle admin panel you can designate persons and departments to be responsible for follow-up and handling of reports.

Acknowledgment of receipt of report, within 7 days (art. 9.1.b)
NorthWhistle automatically sends out an acknowledgment of receipt so that the reporter feels seen and heard from the get go.

Diligent follow-up of reports (art. 9.1.d-e)
With the NorthWhistle admin panel, it’s both easy and intuitive to follow up. We work with a conversation-first approach that’s fully logged and easy to manage.

Timely feedback, within 3 months (art. 9.1.f)
The NorthWhistle admin will automatically notify if 3 months have passed without you taking any action. (Eg informing on updates or case closure)

Inform on external reporting (art. 9.1.g)
Information on external reporting can easily be included in your NorthWhistle policy.

Report in writing and/or orally (art. 9.2)
NorthWhistle allows for both written & oral reporting, all tracked and logged for easy case management.

Ensure confidentiality (art. 16)
NorthWhistle is encrypted end-to-end with bank-grade security and set up to ensure 100% confidentiality for the reporting part. Read more on how we value your privacy in this blog post 

GDPR compliance (art. 17)
NorthWhistle is GDPR compliant by build and will automatically delete personal data which is not relevant for handling a report.

Record keeping of the reports (art. 18)
NorthWhistle keeps records of all reports with logs and easy access to search through conversations.

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