Safeguarding your community

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Sports as it should be

We’re on a mission, it’s sports free from bullying, harassment, threats, violence, and abuse. In an environment where everyone feels welcome and involved and can participate and develop according to their own abilities.

When something happens 

We also know the reality that sometimes bad things happen even if we have the best of intentions in our code of conduct. That’s where we come in. With NorthWhistle in your organization, you’re provided with a speak-up policy that aims to improve transparency and a tool to act upon it. This helps your organization grow, adapt and be better, each day.

the EU directive

According to a new EU directive (2019/1937.), all companies over 50 employees must have a designated whistleblowing system in place, we strongly believe this is even more relevant for organizations where children are involved.


According to studies, the option to be anonymous can greatly help when reporting wrongdoing.


The reporting flow is very similar to popular SMS & chat apps. The aim is to create a safe environment and to foster conversation so you can know as much as possible about what has gone wrong.


In our reporting system it’s easy to lock out the suspect from any conversation around the case.


We provide you with a best in class policy to share with your organization

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