Finding the best whistleblowing software: is a demo worth it?

You may want to consider a whistleblowing software demo if you’re exploring your options or simply curious about how a whistleblowing tool works. Having the right whistleblowing software means you can catch early warning signs and address potential problems before they get unmanageable. Your whistleblowing software can protect you and your business or organisation from legal risks, financial penalties, and a loss of reputation. Picture your company improving its ability to receive and investigate reports from employees. Integrating whistleblowing software into your existing system can be a great help. You could improve your organisational culture and encourage employees to speak out against wrongdoing, increasing your capacity to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive rules that are now in place.

What is a whistleblowing software demo?

A whistleblowing software demo is a tailored presentation that helps you understand how a product works and the value it can bring to you. It is essentially a how-to guide on how the product works and how your company can integrate its features into existing workflows and systems.

You may have heard of NorthWhistle or a similar product but would like to know more details about how the system really works. The first step is to schedule the demo by reaching out to us directly and choosing a day and that work for you. It’s best that the person who attends the software demo be a decision-maker in your company and be well-versed in your policies and internal systems. The demo presentation will run about 30 to 45 minutes long. In most cases, you will have the option to attend the demo through a live video chat tool such as Zoom, Demodesk, GoToMeeting, or Google Hangouts.

What can you expect from the demo presentation? The demo agenda usually includes an introduction that will allow you and our NorthWhistle representative to get to know each other. He or she will then summarize the different ways our product can respond to your business needs and challenges. We want you to fully understand how our whistleblowing software can solve your problems. Finally, we will discuss what is needed to move forward if you choose to make a purchase. We will also go through how the implementation process works.

After attending a software demo, you should feel like our product offers you the right solution for your business challenges. For many EU companies, this challenge is meeting the new requirements for the EU Whistleblower Directive. The whistleblowing software demo provides you with a demonstration of what our product does and how this fits into your everyday work processes. We want to build trust and understand your needs better. Our software demo will include relevant workflows, data and configuration samples specific to your situation. For example, we can show you how our product fits into your employees’ work routines and risk management policies.

Advantages of having a whistleblowing tool

Having employee feedback is a great way to detect internal compliance issues in your company. However, most employees tend to avoid disclosing misconduct for fear of retaliation. Providing a confidential whistleblowing tool is key to creating a more open culture and encouraging employees to disclose anything that could damage the reputation of your company. Whistleblowing software is the best solution for having an internal early-warning system that identifies serious challenges with administration or financial management. It can also reduce the risk of employees reporting issues to external sources. It also avoids many other costs and consequences of not whistleblowing which companies face when they don’t have a proper whistleblowing system in place.

The EU Directive requires companies in Member States to have an internal whistleblowing channel available to employees. Whistleblowing software provides this while also guaranteeing confidentiality, up-to-date information about reporting procedures and compliance rules, and offering a safe way for employees to report violations without risking retaliation. Does your company need a whistleblowing system? The short answer is yes. The EU Directive on whistleblower protection has been in force since December 16th, 2019. Most EU Member States are now working actively to transpose the new rules into national law, though some have faced delays. This means, ultimately, companies in the EU will need to have a whistleblower system in place to remain compliant with the new rules.

What are the best solutions for your company?

It is crucial to have the best solutions for your company in place so you can enhance communication during reporting, protect employees’ confidentiality, and provide regular updates during investigations while properly documenting information collected. A whistleblowing software demo is a great opportunity for you to understand how a product fits with your business and whether the software tool company understands your needs. At Northwhistle, we want to understand the key problems you’re currently facing and how we can help you find the right solutions through our products.

Telephone hotlines and emails can’t provide the same level of confidentiality or anonymity that digital channels do. Northwhistle is intended for both large and small companies and offers 3-tiered pricing options to make the software tool accessible to everyone. There is no question that whistleblowing software can save your company money over time by preventing delays in the detection of misconduct and reducing the risk of lawsuits and financial penalties. Surprisingly, a 2019 whistleblowing report found that emails, personal visits, and telephone calls were still the top three ways employees reported misconduct. This was especially true in Germany and Switzerland and was usually a result of companies choosing to promote and maintain these channels.

Strikingly, web-based solutions are still the least-used tools in countries like Germany and Switzerland, despite having been proven as more effective in handling sensitive information. While larger companies tend to offer more options for reporting, a whistleblowing tool isn’t out of reach for smaller businesses. Regardless of your size, you are likely facing challenges specific to your industry. Implementing whistleblowing software can help shift your organisation’s culture when it comes to disclosing misconduct and discussing issues around compliance. Purchasing the new whistleblowing software means more of your employees will be willing to speak out when they see problems such as financial fraud or bribery. The benefits of this shift can be significant, including avoiding financial losses or legal problems, maintaining your reputation and public trust, and improving employee loyalty and satisfaction.   

How does a software demo work?

Whether you’re a current customer or new to NorthWhistle, we want to understand your business needs and show you how our whistleblowing software can help. Our Whistleblowing software demo can answer your technical questions and help you envision what your business will look like after you introduce the new tool. You will have a chance to ask questions, raise concerns, and receive support in finding the best whistleblowing solution for your company. Our demo has no strings attached. Our goal is to give you tailored, personal insight into how whistleblowing software works.

Most ‘home-built’ HR systems and solutions have shortcomings such as inadequate anonymity and integrity features and shouldn’t replace real whistleblower tools. Our safety features were built with employees in mind and are intended to cover all of the angles and take the guessing work out. One such feature is the distorted voice function, which effectively offsets any differences between male and female voices, accents or dialects.  

NorthWhistle will demo how easily and quickly you can become compliant with whistleblower protection law and how our tool meet all of the legal requirements. Our representative will answer any questions you may have about NorthWhistle’s whistleblowing tool. If you’re unclear about the technical aspects of our software, or unsure how the system can be integrated into your current operations, this is your chance to find out more.

To book a free whistleblowing software demo, click here. We offer a free 30-day trial to give companies the opportunity to test NorthWhistle in your work environment, without limitations or strings attached.