Your plug & play whistleblowing solution for healthier organizations.

trusted across the EU
trusted across the EU

What makes NorthWhistle unique.

Policy generator onboard

A unique feature with NorthWhistle is our auto generated policy, it keeps your organization compliant with any changes to local and EU law automatically, forever.

Intuitive and powerful

At North Whistle we balance a suite of powerful features with a great user experience. Simplifying handling and lowering friction for reporting.

What's in our core.

Plug & Play

Talking to your organization should be easy. That’s why you can be up and running with NorthWhistle the same day as you sign up. Fully configured to fit your organizations need no matter a small company or a company group.


NorthWhistle is GDPR proof by design. You can also lean back and know that your organization always is compliant with the EU whistleblowing directive 2019/1937 with our automatically updated policy documents.

Easy to use

Our cloud-based platform can be used on any device and is accessible to your organization, partners, and third parties. Our user-friendly interface guides you through taking the right actions on time.


Our conversational interface is based on behavioral research. It increases physiological safety and lowers friction to get the most accurate and detailed information from individuals who might feel unsafe or harassed.


We put the safety of the reporter first. That’s why Northwhistle always keeps the reporter completely anonymous regardless of how they choose to report.


We are fully encrypted with server providers compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015 & 27018:2019. We use third party auditing and fully automated processes to limit individuals to access any type of data.

Using NorthWhistle

Reporting a case

Our reporting system is built with people in mind and aims to get the most possible information from them while maintaining psychological safety for the reporter. We step away from forms and complex systems and rather use a conversational messaging approach, just like they are used to.

Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

When you have psychological safety in the workplace, people feel comfortable being themselves. They bring their full selves to work and feel okay laying all of themselves on the line,

David Altman
COO – Centre for creative leadership


When using voice our ML algorithms automatically scramble the file to ensure anonymity. This is a unique feature for NorthWhistle.


The reporting flow is very similar to popular SMS & chat apps. The aim is to create a safe environment and to foster conversation so you can know as much as possible about what has gone wrong.


The reporting is encrypted end-to-end and only the reporter has access to their unique key.


Our systems will automatically ask followup questions to ensure every price of information is in the final report.

Resolving a case

Whistleblowing can be complex but we believe administrating a case shouldn’t be. Working with top designers we created a panel that’s initiative, easy to use yet packed with powerful features.

We believe we have a plan for every organization, browse some of our core features below and feel free to book a meeting with us here if you have any questions


We don’t see why we should limit you so unlike many competitors all our plans come with unlimited reporting channels.


We’ve seen one too many tools with impossible UI. NorthWhistle is intuitive in every way where our goal is zero onboarding.


NorthWhistle will automatically log all events and package them in a neat audit log.


Our platforms are secured with end-to-end encryption and audited by third parties to ensure bank-grade security for all erends.


It’s easy to create groups and share work with NorthWhistle.


NorthWhistle has multi-language support for the languages you need.


Need input on a case? it’s easy to invite a third party to lend a hand or take over a case.


Want to make it look your own? Custom branding is available with our enterprise package and allows you to change the look to match your organization.


For our enterprise customers, we support SSO, on-site installation & more.


With our enterprise plans, you can connect NorthWhistle with the tools you’re already using.

We have a plan for everyone



Per month
  • Get Essential
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Fully anonymous voice reporting
  • Activity log for full traceability
  • One admin user
  • One reporting channel
  • Standard categories and questions
  • Email support

PlusMost Popular


Per month
  • Get Plus
  • 👉 Everything in Essential
  • Unlimited admin user
  • Configurable report categories and questions
  • User roles
  • Report translations
  • Multilanguage interface
  • 3rd party shared access
  • Auto updated legal and policy docs for EU
  • Email support



Per month
  • Get Premium
  • 👉 Everything in Plus
  • 5 reporting channels (€50/m per extra)
  • Assignment groups for assign automations
  • Custom invoicing
  • Select your data center region
  • Phone + email support



On request
  • Contact sales
  • 👉 Everything in Premium and available add-on’s below
  • Implementation support
  • On premise installation including service management, security surveillance and security maintenance
  • Dedicated virtual private cloud on selected regions
  • Custom integrations
  • SSO
  • Custom pricing for high volume of channels
  • Customized dedicated support

Psst… Are you a whistleblower in need?

Is your organization missing a safe place for you to report your concerns? Unfortunately many do. Tip us anonymously in the safe form on the right and we will get in touch with them to help implement a safe system. You will remain 100% anonymous and we do not collect any of your data.

Tougher security than your bank

With experience from banking & healthcare clients, NorthWhiistle
is built with state-of-the-art security in mind.

Fully encrypted

Communication between your devices and the NortWhistle servers as well as stored data is always encrypted.

ISO Certified

Our hosting provider has certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015 & 27018:2019.

GDPR by design

Having GDPR processes set in our organization is not enough. We want to raise the bar and have embedded these processes in our technology.

Third-party audit

We regularly do security & integrity assessments using industry leading third parties

Strict data policies.

Fully automated processes limit individuals to access any type of data. Even our developers can’t access your data.

Read more about our commitment to security here

We're here to help


Can I try NorthWhsitle before I buy?

We don’t offer a free trial. However, to see the software in action and ask any questions, you can schedule a demo with an account manager

How long does it take to get set up with NorthWhistle?

As there’s no lengthy sales process or consulting upsells, we can get NorthWhistlle set up for you immediately after joining. All you have to do is invite your case handlers and publish your reporting link.

How can you be so cheap?

Many of our competitor’s solutions with similar offerings can be as much as 10x more expensive compared to NorthWhistle. We believe in fair pricing for what’s offered, something that’s reflected in our price point.

Are there any additional costs involved

No, everything is included in the plans above

Are all plans compliant with the EU directive?

Yes, you just choose the plan that’s right for your organization.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there a minimum term contract?

Yes, we offer a cancel anytime policy to make sure you are happy with our product.

Get a free expert consultation & demo

Sit down with one of our experts to get insights into how your organization can become complement, what solution might be best for you, or any other questions you might have. We’re also available in the chat where we usually respond within 5 minutes

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